Our privacy policy concerns the personal identity information that we collect and how we protect that information. By using our website or services you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our privacy policy


What Is Collected

We collect personal information necessary to provide our services when you request or apply to us for accident management services or deal with us over the telephone or e-mail us. This information can include your name, address or other identifying information and, depending on the circumstances of your claim/case or hire details about your family, business, financial details, employment details and details about other parties involved in your accident or claim. Due to the nature of the services that we provide we do not permit you to interact with us anonymously or by using an alias. If we receive unsolicited personal information we will protect that information in the same way as information that we collect. We may monitor and record telephone calls for training and security purposes. For statistical purposes we collect information on website activity. This information does not collect personal information but it does provide statistics that can be used to analyse and improve our service delivery.
If you supply to us the personal information of a third party we shall assume that you have permission to do so pursuant to the terms of this policy


How Information Is Used

We use the personal information provided for purposes consistent with the reason you provided it, or for a directly related purposes, where required or permitted by law or where you have provided us with your express or implied consent. We may share your personal information with other organisations where you give us your consent to do so, sharing is required or permitted by law, or sharing is necessary to enable our services to be provided. If we provide personal information to entities that perform services for us we will request that those entities protect your personal information as we do. Generally we do not transfer personal information to countries outside Australia but if we do we will endeavour to protect personal information with data transfer contracts. As at the date of this edition of our policy we may use technical support in India or the UK but such technical support does not require the transfer of personal information. If we use your personal information to provide you with information on our services by mail email/SMS or telephone you may ask that your information not be used for these purposes. We will assume your consent unless you advise us otherwise which you may do at any time during normal business hours.


Access To Your Information

You can request access to the personal information we hold about you unless that right is subject to legal entitlement to refuse access. In this context a refusal of access would cover situations where the request is frivolous, the information relates to a commercially-sensitive decision-making processes or prejudicial to the services that you have requested that we provide. If the information which we hold becomes stale we will update that information when fresh information comes to hand or is advised to us.


Storage And Security Of Information

To protect your information we limit access to authorised persons and have in place physical and technical security measures. Information is retained for the period required for business purposes or by law. Files electronic or hard format are usually stored for 7 years to meet legal requirements. For website security we use monitoring programs to identify unauthorised access and allow us to take remedial steps. We use temporary and long term cookies [which may be described as code that assists us to interact better with the computer you are using] to assist our electronic interaction with persons contacting us by electronic means. We do not to collect or store personal information by using cookies unless you have elected this feature. If you do not wish to use cookies, you can set your computer not to accept them. If there is a breach of our security we will seek to secure the breach, notify you if your information is compromised, take steps to prevent any further breaches and report serious breaches to the appropriate authorities.


Third Parties

If we provide a link to another site we are not responsible for the privacy in relation to that site. In so far as those sites have privacy policy you should familiarise yourself with those policies. If third party providers supply technical services or content to our web site we will require that those providers have agreed to protect personal information to which they may have access. We do not provide services to children under 16 nor do we collect information on such children if they contact us. We may provide services to children under 18 and if so we do not require parental or guardian consent. Whether a parent or equivalent will be permitted to have access to such information is subject to the policy statement set out in this policy.


We may disclose or sell your repairs/accident data information to a third party and you the customer consent for this to occur for the purposes of telephone direct marketing of legal services that might be required following your recent accident. If you do not wish for you information to be passed on for this purpose please let your claims handler know.


This Policy Is Correct From May 2015.


How To Contact Us

If you have any queries or complaints in regard to our collection, use or management of your personal information, please contact us at:



Attn: Privacy Officer
4 Dickson Avenue,

Artarmon NSW 2064



You can also contact the information Commissioner or visit the Commissioner’s web site at www.privacy.gov.au if you would like further information about privacy.

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